Scraptherapy Fiber Scarves

Scraptherapy has always been about  accumulating all of the mediums that it takes for me to create something! I love to dabble in it all! I have fibers for scrapbooking and card making, altered art and for my scarves. I am blessed to have these in a couple of stores, one is  in Bend, Oregon and their link on Facebook is:!/GypsySoulBend?sk=wall 

They sell their fun line of Gypsy fashion at it’s best and they also have Gypsy Home at: where they redo furniture with that Gypsy junky feel! You’ll love it and find yourself flirting with the unique design’s they have and thinking I want this in my home!!

Also Polka Dotz in Spring Hill, TN and their link on Facebook is: at this store it’s all about personalizing your gifts! Who doesn’t love to open up a gift that has their name or initials on them! Check them out for your next gift or for yourself!

My daughter Deana and I love to find fun fibers and mix and match for a fun & flirty, no knit, no crochet Gypsy feel scarf ! Check out these pages and see what else these fabulous stores offer!


Here is Trish! What a beauty she is and she makes the scarves so versatile!
Here is Deana my daughter wearing the scaarf as a head scarf for  that fun and  younger generation!
Here the scarf shows a variety of ribbon and fibers! you never know what we will find to add to the scarfs!

Last minute Vintage Christmas tags!

Santa Tags

I posted this Santa card on my Facebook page and Emily from Sweetly Scrapped Art made the image into tags for presents. I “saved as” to my computer and printed them onto creme colored cardstock and cut them up and used on my gifts they are so cute! Thank you Emily I love them!


The Holidays Are Here Again….

It’s been another busy year and I can never figure out how the older I get the faster time flies which makes me now officially sound like my  mother and grandmother’s! This year I was blessed to be  able to make my daughter in law Darcie a tree skirt which she found on Pinterest through HGTV. This was a fun project to make and I would encourage anyone to take the plunge…Here is a photo of it!

The link to the turorial is :


Well ok 3rd times a charm and not much time to redo……I keep trying to here it is but you’ll need to look to the right under pages  Bowmaking and read it there….I guess my perimenapausal mind can’t remember the difference between a post and a page…..trial and error and learn as I go!  Back to my busy life!

Halloween to Thanksgiving……

The Pumpkin Pile

So here it is …the truth…it looks so cute when in it’s right place..but the tear down is messy…

The Ghost.....

 As I go around the house..the pile gets bigger….The “GHOST” has been around since my children were little….yeah…I still decorate..even though the pitter patter of little feet are no longer around on a daily basis.. I do have 3 grandchildren…and besides I am still a kid at heart and love the celebrations of all things fun:)

The Halloween "Whine" bottles I made....

See the “Whine” fabulous..I got the labels through Victorian Trading Company…love them….The towel…well I love kitchen towels I just added some trim….I made some for my girls too…

The Sweatshirt

 See the sweatshirt… I made that for my son..20 + years ago…somehow it made it to a pillow form and not to the hand me down family tree….I have lots of sisters with kids…lol….

So for this week I am packing it away for another Halloween day….Thanksgiving ….well I don’t have alot  of decorations but I will share when I put them out…so I guess I better go pack this stuff away intothe boxes….Christmas decor is just a few weeks away…….HaPpy Decorating!!!!!


The Holiday’s …

Wow, I can’t believe it..every year once July hits the holidays just sneek up faster and faster….I ‘m going to try to keep up on here… my journey through my holidays…I am almost finished shopping, abit more to go though…..this week I am putting away the Halloween and getting out the Thanksgiving decorations

my elf is scouring through the vintage images I have.....

! Stay posted for pics and more as my holiday scurry comes alive!

Time and Time again….

I have been going through my things… seems time and time again I need to purge and go through…I am such a collector…I come by it honestly and as a crafter of many sorts….my mind can constantly think of what to do with this and that!…..The frustrating part is I love a clean and organized home and yet I get so involved in making this and that …only a crafter can understand my thoughts and madness on this….that’s why I am never bored! Well that being said it feels good to have gone through these rooms and boxes and I still have more to go….I have lived in this home for 14 years…I need a bigger home…I know I know every one says you’ll just fill it up..I say….When you have more room ( which I have had before) its easier to stay organized!

I want a home like Tara.....Scarlet had one so why not me?

I want a home like "Tara".....Scarlet had one so why not me?

Do you ever say the words “I’m bored”?   I don’t know the words, I don’t have enough time in a day as it is! I am a busy body. I have always been this way.  One thing I would like to do is scrapbook my years of gardening. Another one is about Aprons. I love Aprons. I think it’s because my Grandmas and mother always wore them so, so do I! I have a memory of dark shoes and stockings and a below the knee length dress and the apron…my mom just gave it to me. It was my Grandma Effies! In my family there is always something to scrapbook about … It’s so fun and mostly it’s so therapeutical! So from baking to sewing to scrapbooking it all, from my home to yours….Happy Spring!

My daughter Deana, my grandson Riley and myself Jody Lynn at Riley's Pre-K graduation

The Hustle & Bustle Of It All!

I love this time of year! Althought I do miss  being near my family meaning my parents and siblings!  I guess thats why Facebook and blogs have become so important. Back in the day familes lived together more like on The Waltons TV  show! This year our son Kyle is home  as last year was in Iraq. Now he is home 15 minutes away with his wife Darcie and baby girl Greytin.  

My vintage wreath I made this year!

The tree is lit, the presents are wrapped awaiting the arrival of our children and grandchildren! But Santa has not yet appeared to fill our stockings but they are hung and waiting! Today I am cleaning house and preparing to get organized for the cooking

Jody Lynn

and baking! Merry Christmas Everyone! Jody Lynn

We have already made the cookie house tho this year it was a train and the boys loved it!

My daughter Deana with Reade and Riley!

Poppee with Princess Greytin our grandaughter!