Paper Bag Book

Making a Paper Bag Book is soooo easy!  It is more about the decorating of the pages and the little cubby holes from the bag it self that gives it it’s charm.   You can hook together using fibers or Large O rings or Ribbon.

1.  lay the paper bags horizontally in front of you

2.  Fold in half

3. Layering one on top of the other

4. Punch holes in the side where the fold is 2-3 holes

5.  Put your book together using Fibers, Ribbons or rings add beads whatever!!

Decorated your pages and fill your openings with cardstock cards  and whatever!


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  1. Thanks for the instructions for this great project. I have folded my bags and am ready to go!!!. Enjoy your time with your dear son.

    • Trish, I would love to see the book when you are done, please post on the Scraptherapy Facebook page and share!!!!

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