Monthly Archives: May 2008

Hello world!

As I came into the world of Scrapbooking again in my life , this time around it was full of so many papers and trinkets and junk and I love it.  I scrapped as a little girl, teen years and young adult years then life got busier… but I saved everything, ironically everything I ever did had to be redone because nothing was acid free and I pretty much have done so,  my mother scrapped also.  A few years ago I redid Mom and dads high school book from the 50’s, only because they were falling apart and needed to be preserved on acid free materials.  You get to know your parents through another lense in life when you do these things, that’s why it’s therapy to me.  The 50’s had so much character to those years, Leave It To Beaver and Donna Reed.  The people who have made the papers and stickers have made it even more fun to scrap those pages, it’s like you go back in time like a book or a film would put you except you are the producer.   Therapy again,  you are the artist you produce the pages of your life and can add or change anything you like.