Monthly Archives: July 2011

Time and Time again….

I have been going through my things… seems time and time again I need to purge and go through…I am such a collector…I come by it honestly and as a crafter of many sorts….my mind can constantly think of what to do with this and that!…..The frustrating part is I love a clean and organized home and yet I get so involved in making this and that …only a crafter can understand my thoughts and madness on this….that’s why I am never bored! Well that being said it feels good to have gone through these rooms and boxes and I still have more to go….I have lived in this home for 14 years…I need a bigger home…I know I know every one says you’ll just fill it up..I say….When you have more room ( which I have had before) its easier to stay organized!

I want a home like Tara.....Scarlet had one so why not me?

I want a home like "Tara".....Scarlet had one so why not me?