My Story Behind Our Felt Christmas Stockings

I know this isn’t Scrapbooking, but crafts are crafts and especially with Scrapbooking you can use  any craft you want!  So because alot of crafts are what I do I will put things other than Scrapbooking on this site.

This year at Christmas I made new Stockings for our growing family!!!  Too Many to hang from the hearth  so I  hung them up the staircase.  I had sewn each one, using felt and some embellishments.  I needed new ones because  we went from  a family of 4 with a more victorian look stocking to Deanas marriage with Colby and have 2 grandchildren , the stockings were not matching anymore.  So last year when Kyle marrried Darcie that made for one more stocking that didn’t match.  So I decided to make felt stockings using a blanket stitch and chain stitch on the stockings making up my own patterns as I went along.  They were done in time for Christmas 2008 except for  I need to put their names on them.  And now with a baby girl due in March ( so precious) , it will be easier to make a new one to match the others! 




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