The Hustle & Bustle Of It All!

I love this time of year! Althought I do miss  being near my family meaning my parents and siblings!  I guess thats why Facebook and blogs have become so important. Back in the day familes lived together more like on The Waltons TV  show! This year our son Kyle is home  as last year was in Iraq. Now he is home 15 minutes away with his wife Darcie and baby girl Greytin.  

My vintage wreath I made this year!

The tree is lit, the presents are wrapped awaiting the arrival of our children and grandchildren! But Santa has not yet appeared to fill our stockings but they are hung and waiting! Today I am cleaning house and preparing to get organized for the cooking

Jody Lynn

and baking! Merry Christmas Everyone! Jody Lynn

We have already made the cookie house tho this year it was a train and the boys loved it!

My daughter Deana with Reade and Riley!

Poppee with Princess Greytin our grandaughter!


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