Halloween to Thanksgiving……

The Pumpkin Pile

So here it is …the truth…it looks so cute when in it’s right place..but the tear down is messy…

The Ghost.....

 As I go around the house..the pile gets bigger….The “GHOST” has been around since my children were little….yeah…I still decorate..even though the pitter patter of little feet are no longer around on a daily basis.. I do have 3 grandchildren…and besides I am still a kid at heart and love the celebrations of all things fun:)

The Halloween "Whine" bottles I made....

See the “Whine” bottles..so fabulous..I got the labels through Victorian Trading Company…love them….The towel…well I love kitchen towels I just added some trim….I made some for my girls too…

The Sweatshirt

 See the sweatshirt… I made that for my son..20 + years ago…somehow it made it to a pillow form and not to the hand me down family tree….I have lots of sisters with kids…lol….

So for this week I am packing it away for another Halloween day….Thanksgiving ….well I don’t have alot  of decorations but I will share when I put them out…so I guess I better go pack this stuff away intothe boxes….Christmas decor is just a few weeks away…….HaPpy Decorating!!!!!



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