About Jodylynn


Me as a baby made into a paper doll

I love making these paperdolls! This one is me and my Scraptherapy logo


I am a published scrapbooker/altered artist, a vocalist and I love vintage with the unexpected…I am a faux finisher and a visual coordintor and I love to make it all look old again! I guess you could say I was born this way! lol Scraptherapy is my business! But my greatest accomplishments in life is my marriage of 34 years, 2 children, and 3 grandchildren! By the grace of God and one day at a time I try to live a fullfilled slowed down life!




Greytin my grandaughter...running to see daddy...
Greytin my grandaughter…running to see daddy…

The next pics are a bit older……the boys are now 7 and 5!



Reade and Riley my grandsons


My son, Kyle and I





Scraptherapy is my email


 address for a reason.  …All of my life I have been an out of the box personality.  I love to craft, from sewing, tole Painting, Faux, Cooking, Gardening, Ect. most of all I have spent my life singing.  I have been married for 30 years, we met as teenagers, he was a football player and I a cheerleader.  We have 2 children, a daughter and son, 2 grandsons. 

      One day I was speaking to a psychiatrist friend of ours and he said explain Scrapbooking to me.  I told him the basics are about preserving memories and journaling your life and others.  I take it one step further and add art to it.  He looked at me and said “It sounds like the best therapy you could do for yourself because you don’t scrapbook bad times!”  I knew this was my therapy because I have been through a lot as most people have, everyone has a story. 

     The hardest days and the only thing I could not scrapbook about was when my son left as a soldier for the Iraq war.  Oh I scrapbooked and that’s what got me through it, along with my faith.  But I scrapped other things, not the war, not his books! His bootcamp book was already done, but the war that’s another story. He would send pictures like his boots and gun and tanks because he knows I am going to do it but he never knew my pain.  All that said he has been home awhile and we are so blessed and I am planning a book on Iraq, now.

     Recently, my husband brought me his College Football scrapbook I made him in 1979.  When you opened it up things were falling out of it.  He said “Jody could you redo my book and do what you do so it won’t fall apart?”  It now is redone and preserved.  He loved it!   You see I have been journaling and photo keeping and filing for years, it is what keeps me sane, it is not just something I do, it has become a part of my life.  Making memories, preserving our history for myself, family and friends …

So therapeutic, so inspirational!


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