Do you ever say the words “I’m bored”?   I don’t know the words, I don’t have enough time in a day as it is! I am a busy body. I have always been this way.  One thing I would like to do is scrapbook my years of gardening. Another one is about Aprons. I love Aprons. I think it’s because my Grandmas and mother always wore them so, so do I! I have a memory of dark shoes and stockings and a below the knee length dress and the apron…my mom just gave it to me. It was my Grandma Effies! In my family there is always something to scrapbook about … It’s so fun and mostly it’s so therapeutical! So from baking to sewing to scrapbooking it all, from my home to yours….Happy Spring!

My daughter Deana, my grandson Riley and myself Jody Lynn at Riley's Pre-K graduation


The Hustle & Bustle Of It All!

I love this time of year! Althought I do miss  being near my family meaning my parents and siblings!  I guess thats why Facebook and blogs have become so important. Back in the day familes lived together more like on The Waltons TV  show! This year our son Kyle is home  as last year was in Iraq. Now he is home 15 minutes away with his wife Darcie and baby girl Greytin.  

My vintage wreath I made this year!

The tree is lit, the presents are wrapped awaiting the arrival of our children and grandchildren! But Santa has not yet appeared to fill our stockings but they are hung and waiting! Today I am cleaning house and preparing to get organized for the cooking

Jody Lynn

and baking! Merry Christmas Everyone! Jody Lynn

We have already made the cookie house tho this year it was a train and the boys loved it!

My daughter Deana with Reade and Riley!

Poppee with Princess Greytin our grandaughter!

Europe ’75

This year 2010, my high school choir reunion (summer of ’75) is getting together and it prompted me to put my scrapbook on my site. Back in the late 70’s the book was on non acid free papers so I redid it in the 90’s. It has been added too and still has photos my mom just gave me to add also. I am sure after this reunion there will be more to add. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because I am booked singing at another retreat.  I am a vocalist and have been singing professionally for years, I even had a record deal here in Nashville  (bio on and  Mr. Barber, choir director, next to my mother being first, was a huge influence on my music. I am the mother of the mother daughter duo “The Malones” …

I struggled alot in school being the oldest of 5 ,with a mother who was ill, I held alot of responsibilities, school came with its difficulties to juggle it all. But I am a very strong individual because of it all and I have been married for 33 years , 2 wonderful children and their spouses and 3 grandchildren!  I am an artist through and through, throw in some ADD and and an artistic mind and whew, I can exhaust myself!  My life has been filled with music, starting singing professionally at the age of 12 ,  and painting, oh the Faux finisher that I am , I came from a very artistic family, but I think the trip to Europe spurrred on my drive to create anything to look old again, I am infatuated with castles, guilded gold etc. from Junkin Jewelry at Nordstroms with my BFF Lisa to Rejuvenations my Faux Finishing life here in Nashville  along with singing! My folder is overflowing with all of Add an Imagethe works through the years. Now as a Professional Scrapbooker, it all draws from the arts & crafts of every kind! So now that you have a little insight to my life I hope you enjoy my Europe book…and many thanks to all of my wonderful memories of this time in my life! Thank you to all of my friends and Mr. Barber, the greatest Choir director ever! I worked on the set of Mr. Holland’s Opus (my music agent at the time was the casting director) and I thought this is great, but Mr. Barber also is of this caliber!

The cover on my Europe ’75 scrapbook  is white embossed wall paper that I painted to look like old copper…

I layered papers and added titles through out the book, making it very hands o

This would be our bus to Seattle and our Bus Driver…

Cindy and I and tour guides…?

Mr. Barber and Mona, Wonderful people!

Yes, I saved my currency papers…

& our itenery…(sp)?

Our record…(Not the little black one it’s for fun) Its i the white holder…

the Bed & Breakfast where Cindy and I stayed…

Bartering and shopping 2 things I am good at! lol

I loved this little bug because my car in school was a green little bug!

See this is where the gold guilding infatuation started, I was loving all of this stuff!

Good friends and good memories!

mmm…pastrys…no sugar in the whip cream…mmm….

I remember the Italian pizza was different than the good ole USA’s!

Ahh, Venice!

Notice the purple ribbon I have on, yes thats it on the page to the left…

choir members having fun and “good” eats!

wow! What memories I have of this place!

Receipts from all of the shopping….

Yep, those are more tickets and these cute little outfits are for the Salt Mines!

What a day this was!

There are little notes and letters and pictures tucked in through out this book!

This is the cover to our program book when we sang in Vienna, I can’t believe I used it as a calculator…?